Prof. Michael Leiter

Prof. Michael Leiter

, Special Advisor

Professor Leiter works with Steople as a Special Advisor having worked extensively with organisations around the world to address issues of workplace health and for more than two decades has researched burnout and methods to banish it.

Professor Leiter is a world-renowned expert on the psychology of work. His ground-breaking research on job burnout and work engagement has produced widely acclaimed books and a concerted commitment to improving work-life quality.

He is highly sought as a keynote speaker for diverse audiences, including public sector executives, health care providers, and human resource professionals. In addition to his research partnerships, Professor Leiter has provided consulting services to health care organisations, government departments, educational, and public-sector organisations.

Prior to his current role with Deakin University, Professor Leiter was a Professor of Psychology at Acadia University in Canada where he held the Canada Research Chair in Occupational Health and Wellness.