Neha Arora-Nagaich

Neha Arora-Nagaich

M.Org Psych, Senior Consultant

Neha is a registered psychologist (Organisational Psychology) with over 10 years experience in leadership development, assessment and coaching.

Neha has worked across the finance, retail, health and both state and federal government sectors. Her experience includes development and delivery of tailored solutions such as leadership development, recruitment, assessment, team effectiveness and executive coaching. Neha’s clients recognise her for her passion for people development, authentic style and focus on client needs, which has helped her foster a number of trusting and long-term client relationships.

Neha brings experience of working both within large organisations as well as working in partnership with them as a consultant. Neha began her career in Organisational Psychology at National Australia Bank in the Leadership and Talent Development team. She then moved to Coles where she was responsible for the leadership development program for 10,000 leaders across Australia.  Following this, she worked as a consultant for a boutique organisational psychology consultancy, where her clients included government as well as private organisations. Most recently, Neha set up her own development and coaching business focussed on coaching and development of individuals, teams and leaders.

Neha holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology and a Master of Organisational Psychology.