In this COVID-19 world, leaders have been dealing with challenges in leading their teams remotely. Everyday examples of these challenges include finding your way around the changes in how we communicate with others and the impact that this Covid mess has had on organisational and team culture. But, there is also a somewhat hidden challenge lurking beneath the surface of the homebased office, psychological safety, which impacts on how people feel about raising questions, concerns, and ideas without fear of personal repercussions.

In the next in the series of Steople Virtual Events we will unpack the above, provide you with some insights based on the research but more importantly give you the opportunity to discuss this with others so that you can share your ideas and experiences.

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, many employees across a range of industries must now figure out how they can adapt to changing workplace conditions, and companies have to learn how to match those employees to new roles and activities. Join us for a virtual event where we will explore current workplace challenges including:

• How do leaders reskill and upskill their workforce to deliver new business models?
• How do individuals develop capability and build new skills?
• What are the critical skills for the future workplace?

The event will provide you with an opportunity to network with like-minded individuals and ensure there is plenty of time for conversation, sharing stories, experiences and ideas that others are currently trialling.

As our workplaces and teams are emerging from the COVID-19 bubble, we are entering a changed ‘normal’ where we will no doubt be tested, at the team, leadership and organisational level. Join us for our next virtual event to explore this critical phase of re-emergence and a bit of networking. We will gather a group of like-minded individuals to grapple with questions like:

• What have you learned about leading a team through this unique environment?
• How do we as leaders create the conditions for resilient and high performing teams?
• What capabilities do you need to lead in this changed environment?

While we will provide you with some insights based on research findings and our recent experience, we will make sure you have lots of time for conversation with others to share ideas and experiences.

Wicked problems are those that trouble, perplex and resist our attempts to understand and solve them. Everyone today is getting a lesson in wicked problems courtesy of the COVID-19 pandemic and the extreme effects it is having on the day to day lives and health of everyone on the planet!

The term was first coined by Rittel and Weber in 1973 and has since continued to resonate with leaders who struggle to understand and respond to the seemingly unsolvable.

Join us for a highly informative online event in which we will explain how leaders can use The Cynefin Framework (Snowden, 1999) to help them cope and lead in these incredibly difficult times.

Speaker Info:

ANDREW STONE – BA, PGDipPsych, Principal Consultant

Andrew is an Organisational Development Specialist with qualifications in Psychology from Monash and Swinburne University. Andrew works with Senior Managers and Executives through the development and delivery of Leadership Development, OD Strategy, Culture Change, Capability, Psychometric Assessment and Executive Coaching.

Leveraging a foundation of experience in assessment and psychometric assessment from organisational psychology consulting firm Coyne Didsbury PDI, and Telstra Research Laboratories, Andrew then pursued a career in talent identification and selection with Paxus, one of Australia’s largest IT consulting and organisations. Andrew joined Steople in 2014, and has continued to work closely with key clients across banking & finance, FMCG, telecommunications, I.T, Government and Media Industries. Andrew’s client’s includes companies such as NAB, ANZ, Smith & Nephew, Worksafe, Swisse Wellness and Simplot Australia.

Leading teams in remote and challenging environments has to be the most complex role for any leader.

Come along to a highly interactive and entertaining session to hear from Kim Ellis, Director of the Australian Antarctic Division on the unique challenges operating in one of the most remote and harsh environments on earth.

Why do leaders need to be real?

In today’s world, leadership appears to be seriously lacking. Leaders in title only are ultimately destined to fail. What then separates a leader in name only from a real leader? It all comes down to authenticity – a leader who is self-aware; genuine; fair minded and always doing the right thing.

Come along to this highly informative breakfast event to hear first hand from one of Australia’s true leaders – MAJGEN Gus McLachlan AO (Ret’d) as he describes his 35 year journey as a leader in the Australian Army, and his take on how authentic leadership can thrive in the corporate world.


Date: 31st October 2019
Venue: Dexus Place
Address: Level 5, 1 Margaret Street, Sydney