Creating Great Cultures When You Don’t Know What Tomorrow Will Bring

If 2020 taught us anything, it was to roll with the punches and focus on our people first: the rest will follow. As we work with clients across the planet in the early days of 2021, the focus has shifted. We are settling into uncertainty again but it feels like as always culture is front of mind. But in the face of a world and economy that keeps throwing curveballs and hybrid workforces, how do you understand your organisational culture and continue to make it great?

Join us for a conversation about all things culture. We will share latest research on trends and findings; some stories of what we are seeing in working with businesses around the globe; and explore what is happening for you. It’s a chance to pause, reflect and refocus – with maybe a great idea or two to take away and put into action.

And of course as we know: “culture eats strategy for breakfast”. (Peter Drucker)

Start: 04/03/2021 10:30 am

End: 04/03/2021 11:30 am

Virtual Session

Venue: Zoom Meeting