How to Build Psychological Safety with Virtual Teams

In this COVID-19 world, leaders have been dealing with challenges in leading their teams remotely. Everyday examples of these challenges include finding your way around the changes in how we communicate with others and the impact that this Covid mess has had on organisational and team culture. But, there is also a somewhat hidden challenge lurking beneath the surface of the homebased office, psychological safety, which impacts on how people feel about raising questions, concerns, and ideas without fear of personal repercussions.

In the next in the series of Steople Virtual Events we will unpack the above, provide you with some insights based on the research but more importantly give you the opportunity to discuss this with others so that you can share your ideas and experiences.

Start: 07/10/2020 10:30 am

End: 07/10/2020 11:30 am

Virtual Session

Venue: Zoom Meeting