What are we learning about leadership in these testing times?

The extraordinary events of the last eighteen months have compelled organisations and leaders to adjust how they operate. With new variants of Covid periodically popping up in communities around the globe, an end to this protracted and testing global phenomenon still seems a long way off.

Not all organisations and leaders have been impacted in the same way. However, we know from our experience of working with many organisations across different sectors, that key adaptive themes are emerging from which we can all learn. In this video, we discuss how organisations and leaders are adapting to this turbulent epoch and consider what changes are here to stay.

To help explore the shifting leadership landscape we are delighted to have Peter Wallace (Director of Sales & Marketing, Briggs & Stratton, Australia & NZ), and Paula Coates (HR Business Partner, Briggs & Stratton Australia) joining us.

Paula and Peter are both key members of the Briggs & Stratton Senior Leadership Team (SLT). Each brings unique insights into how they have adapted their personal leadership styles, reflections on how members of the SLT at Briggs & Stratton have supported each other, and how the SLT have evolved to successfully lead the organisation through some tough challenges.

Among the specific areas we will explore in this short interactive session are:

  • How have leaders and organisations adapted to challenges over the last eighteen months?
  • What works well and what doesn’t work?
  • What changes in follower expectation are here to stay and what are the implications for leaders?
  • Is wellbeing now emerging as a genuine priority for organisations and a key enabler of productivity?

With the effects of this pandemic still playing out around us, we are all on a long, steep learning curve. In this session we share leadership learnings that can benefit you personally, the teams you are part of and the organisations you work in.