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Are you using meaningful data to help successfully onboard your new team members?

  Do you remember the feelings you have before starting a new job? The trepidation or nervousness mixed with excitement and enthusiasm to get…

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Ikigai – How can this Japanese philosophy help you have a more meaningful career and life?

  Do you have a clear life purpose?  Have you had or are you having a meaningful career?  Have you had roles that are…

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Recruit for cultural fit and diversity

Recruiting for cultural fit and recruiting for diversity could be seen as contradictory, but it all comes down to values. What is cultural fit?…

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Change is good… You go first!

Change can be difficult, even when we know it’s for the right reasons. Some people openly resist it, others embrace it. And some commit…

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Personal Brand – Why is it so important and how to take back ownership of yours today!

Building a strong and enduring personal brand can be pivotal in championing a rich and deeply satisfying career and personal life. Purposely crafting an…

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The Great Resignation

Hold Onto Your Best People In a Post-COVID World

The ‘Great Resignation of 2022’ is on the tip of every organisational HR tongue, but will it actually happen here?  The trend that started…

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