We Work in Partnership with Some of Australia’s Leading Organisations.

Our partnerships are critical to the way we do business and complement the depth and breadth of what we do best. By connecting with proven partners, we team up with specialists to give you the highest quality solution in every engagement.


Steople regularly partners with Deakin University to discover innovative solutions to real issues. From the facilitation of the ‘SCORE’ civility program, validation of Steople proprietary assessment tools and the continual education of Deakin Students at all levels of study, Steople and Deakin University have a long-standing and mutually beneficial relationship.


Saville Consulting Asia Pacific develops rigorous and work relevant tests and questionnaires which have transformed traditional approaches to assessment around the world. Steople utilise a number of assessment tools including the Wave® Professional Styles questionnaire to link people, jobs and workplace culture based on substantive validation.


HBDI – Herrmann International Asia provides a powerful, scientifically researched approach to showing people how to use Whole Brain Technology®. This process can be used to leverage individuals thinking preferences and achieve outcomes they never thought possible both professionally and personally.


Team Management Systems (TMS) is recognised internationally as specialists in leadership and teamwork. The TMS suite of eight valid and practical workplace profiles helps organisations increase productivity, communication and collaboration in the workplace. Steople is accredited to administer and debrief the Team Management Profile and can design an effective organisational development program integrating this profile to suit the needs of any organisation.


Human Synergistics has earned an international reputation for innovation in the field of organizational development. The Human Synergistics assessment tools specialise in measuring and developing organisational cultures, leadership strategies, team synergies and individual behavioural styles. The most well-known Human Synergistics tools include the world-renowned Organisational Culture Inventory® (OCI), Life Styles Inventory™ (LSI) and Desert Survival Situation™.


The Birkman Method is a favorite personality and career assessment of those experienced in the industry because it paints a rich picture of an individuals motivations, perceptions and behaviours. The Birkman Method develops and enhances the human capital within organisations and helps individuals realize their inner potential.


Performance Insights provides Steople with contemporary and commercially-relevant insight tools to enhance individual and organisational effectiveness in business critical roles. Performance Insights is most well-known for the Sales Performance Insights (SPI-Q) assessment to effectively identify high-performing sales professions as part of your selection process.


Steople partner with Eek & Sense to provide the Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey (GLWS®). The GLWS is a uniquely holistic, evidence-based tool that delivers deep insights into what shapes and sustains a leader’s success – at work and at home. This tool helps leaders and their teams tackle wellbeing priorities head-on, providing expert advice, support and encouragement every step of the way.


LGPro is the professional member association for officers working at all levels in Local Government providing representation, advocacy, and sector specific professional development. They organise a range or programs, conferences, seminars, awards to celebrate excellence within the sector, and Special Interest Groups where many share best practice and provide collegiate support.


The Australian HR Institute (AHRI) is the national association representing human resource and people management professionals. The association sets standards through accreditation of HR qualifications at universities across Australia, conducts research into people management practices, and assists governments in the development of policy and legislation that affects people at work.


AHRP are specialists in conflict resolution and workplace investigations who help organisations identify the root causes of team dysfunction and resolve conflict at work. As nationally accredited mediators AHRP offer structured, confidential processes that help solve the most intractable problems. AHRP can also undertake formal investigations when these services are required.