Personal Brand – Why is it so important and how to take back ownership of yours today!

Building a strong and enduring personal brand can be pivotal in championing a rich and deeply satisfying career and personal life. Purposely crafting an authentic brand can help you exhibit competence and credibility as well as give you a solid foundation for you to align your values.
Whilst personal branding is important as it can help guide your actions by providing a direction and vision for how you should carry yourself, it is ultimately tied to how you are perceived by others. Your reputation. Your legacy. And therefore, your personal brand is being formed whether you are actively shaping it yourself or not.


“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” – Jeff Bezos


So, if you want to portray a reliable and trustworthy personal brand it is important that you are intentional and considered in your work when interacting with people and your online persona so that your personal brand accurately captures who you are and the values you portray.

By having a brand people can connect with and trust you open yourself up to more opportunities to succeed and help you form meaningful relationships. You will shape a legacy that extends further than your qualifications or education and that resonates with people on a deeper level.


So why is it so hard to build a personal brand?

Well, because it is happening with or without your conscious effort. You can’t totally control other people’s perceptions of you but you can help shape the story of you that unfolds. Personal brand can also be hard to build because it can be difficult to articulate; sometimes it may be hard to balance modesty and self-promotion, you might be self-conscious about oversharing, or just lack confidence in expressing your genuine self.


Steps you can take to start building your personal brand

Your personal brand should be purposefully constructed to reflect the values you embody, and the key competencies you wish to promote and should easily resonate with others. It needs to be easily communicated and accessible so it can truly showcase your story so that people can gravitate towards you (so that people can connect with who you are and the value you bring).

Follow these 3 simple tips to get started crafting your personal brand today:

  1. Develop a compelling story

    A super-effective way to build a strong personal brand is by having a compelling story. This is an engaging way to showcase how your skills, values, and passion can be a point of difference and help make a positive impact. Forming a clear narrative outlining what steps led you to where you are today is a powerful way to leave a lasting impression on people. Think about what sets you apart. What is your why? The more compelling your story the more powerful and engaging your personal brand will be.

  2. Be authentic

    The easiest, most effective way to shape a personal brand is to simply be yourself. Being genuine and authentic is the best way to showcase your skills, passion and values but also being honest about some of your development areas can help engender yourself to others. Demonstrating vulnerability and humility is definitely a good way to connect with others in a meaningful way and help build trusting and reliable relationships. No one has more experience being you, than you! So, focus on leveraging your unique strengths, interests, and experiences.

  3. Stay consistent

    It is important that your personal brand remains consistent across your communication, gravitas, and appearance. Small inconsistencies can derail personal brand effectiveness. Your online persona is an extension of you and should align with your values. Ask yourself, does my social media, CV, and cover letter align and accurately reflect me? Being consistent allows you to ensure you are putting your best foot forward at every stage and helps you create a clearer picture of what you want to achieve.

Take home message

Building a strong personal brand is important for defining what you want out of your career and life and marketing your unique value adds to your targeted audience. A strong personal brand can give you purpose and contentment and can open up career opportunities. When crafting your personal brand, it is important to be thoughtful and deliberate, because you have a personal brand out there whether you are actively contributing to it or not.


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