Getting the most from psychometric assessment

Organisation’s that understand the value of psychometric assessment in making hiring decisions don’t always get the value this data offers in on-boarding and ongoing development. Even the best candidates will have development needs. Using the insight provided by psychometric assessment can help you support you shift your newest people from good to great or perhaps even great to outstanding.

Every year thousands of organisations use a range of psychometric tests to inform hiring decisions and improve the likely success of the people they recruit. Increasing the value of the insights gained through psychometric assessments is clearly recognised by organisations. A pleasing trend is that increasingly candidates are being debriefed on their results and then supported in using these insights for onboarding and creation of a targeted development plan.

Research undertaken by Michael Watkins, outlined in his book “The First 90 Days”, shows that if an individual is successful in the first few months, they are likely to continue to be successful for at least the next 3 years. Similarly, if they are struggling after 90 days they are likely to continue to struggle for a few years. The imperative is clear so make sure you onboard new people well and use the wealth of data at hand from the recruitment process to create a tailored development plan in the first weeks of them starting.

When you consider the insights you gain from psychometric testing and the financial investment that is made by your organisation it seems obvious that you would want to gain every possible return on investment. Interestingly many organisations still fail to realise this value and testing results often sit on employee files never to be revisited. Why wouldn’t you put every effort into using this assessment data to maximise your chances of long term success?

Anthony Griffiths, Acting Chair NEWRRG – “We have just invested significant time and money in finding the right Executive Officer to lead our organisation. Psych assessment played a key role in informing the Board’s final decision and we are keen to use this information in his development plan and commit resources and time to help ensure our new EO is successful.”

Given the predictive validity of the psychometric tools, the commitment to learning and development across almost all organisations and the chance to increase the return on investment in recruitment, what an opportunity to hit the ground running with new hires and set them up for success.

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