Re-action Stations

Scandals that rocked the army back in 2013 led to some deep soul-searching and fundamental cultural change. Peter Daniel, director of HR at the time, talks to Amanda Woodard from HR Monthly about that journey.

You may recall the headlines in late 2013, a group within the army calling themselves ‘The Jedi Council’ had been swapping footage of sex acts without the knowledge of the women involved, and the media had found out. In response, then Lieutenant-General and eventual Australian of the Year, David Morrison gave a speech decrying the behaviour and calling for an army that took a stand against discrimination in all its forms – but particularly sexism. It was a notable speech, and the video of it went viral. But as anyone in HR knows, between announcing an organisational goal and
implementing it there’s a long, difficult journey. So while Morrison set the targets, it was director general personnel, Peter Daniel, who was on the ground making policy.

Click here to read the HR Monthly (September 2017) article.


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