In order to develop, it is best to make compelling self-developmentĀ goals based on self-reflection and the feedback of others, itĀ is also important to articulate them and write them down.

When looking to develop as an individual or a group, it is important that you are setting yourself goals that are based on a deep sense of self-awareness and the feedback from peers and others around you. When setting these compelling self-development goals it is vital that you are focussing on your strengths and weaknesses, as both are important to develop.

There are a few strategies that we would recommend using when making these goals, such as the SMART technique, and the AND approach. Both of these techniques can help make your goal more reachable and exciting.

SMART goals are:

  • S – Specific
  • M – Measurable
  • A – Accepted
  • R – Realistic
  • T – Time-bound

The AND Approach:

The and approach revolves around leveraging your strengths related to your goal as well as identifying a few key weaknesses to improve on that could that would have a positive impact on your ability to succeed at the goal you have set yourself. Using these techniques when creating a self-development goal will help make the prospect of achieving your more exciting than the discomfort that will come when striving to achieve that goal.

It is also important that you are not just focussing on what your goals are, but also what achieving them may look like, so that you know what you need to work on and improve so that you complete your development goal and make yourself closer to the person you want to be in life.


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