Tuesday Tip #11: The 5 ways to wellbeing

Today’s tip is about the 5 ways to wellbeing and how you can apply them in the day to day work environment to create a positive culture.

Clients often come to us looking for an edge. They want to build a high performing team. They want to move from business as usual to a business that is agile, engaged and thriving. Research shows that a culture of engagement and high performance is built on a foundation of wellbeing.

There are five simple changes that you can include in daily activities to promote positive health and wellbeing:

Connect: Creating connections with others is a fundamental human need. This extends to the workplace. Even though you may be busy, taking the time to get to know your colleagues can be made simple. At PeopleScape we kick off every Monday morning meeting by going around the table and briefly sharing the highlight of our weekend. Other ways to connect include walking over to someone’s desk instead of sending an email or even a monthly team morning tea.

Be active: Physical activity is vital for positive wellbeing. Choose a mode of physical activity that suits your needs. During the workday, the easiest way to stay active is through incidental exercise. Maybe get off the tram one stop earlier and walk, take the stairs, go for a walking meeting instead of a seated one or step out with a colleague at lunchtime. Or even Ride 2 work – Wednesday the 18th of October is National Ride 2 Work day, it’s a great way to get active and connect.

Take notice: Mindfulness is about being in the moment, noticing things around you, being aware of your emotions, and being in the present. When you notice feelings of stress or anxiety, step away from your desk, take a few breathes and step outside and appreciate your surroundings.

Keep learning: They say we learn something new every day, and science is telling us this sentiment is important for our wellbeing. At PeopleScape we have weekly learning sessions where one team member will teach us something new for 20 minutes a week. If you’re struggling to learn, pick up a book, read a blog or listen to a podcast for some mental stimulation.

Give: Considering and acting positively towards others links you to your community and rewards you with a stronger sense of wellbeing. You can do this formally, though a volunteering opportunity, or informally through daily interactions with others. So whether you give by offering up your seat on the train, doing something nice for a colleague or volunteering, the options are endless.

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