Tuesday Tip #12: Make smarter recruitment and selection decisions

Today’s tip is to take an integrated approach to psychological assessment in order to make smarter recruitment and selection decisions.

Whilst CV’s and reference checks are part of the standard recruitment process, these are essentially no better than tossing a coin and add little value to your final selection decision.

The best available research shows that a combination of psychometric tests such as verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning tests, a good behaviour style profiles, structured behavioural interview and well -designed work simulation as part of assessment centres are the most highly predictive tools that can be used to forecast a candidate’s future behaviour.

Although these tools have proven their reliability, no single test or tool (including an interview) on its own is able to get it right in every situation. This is why it is extremely important to integrate the data from all sources to increase your chance of getting it right.

With over 25 years experience debriefing assessment results, Hayden Fricke reflects on his experiences and why many organisations fail to integrate all available sources of data they have collected throughout the recruitment process.

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