Avoiding Thinking Traps

Tuesday Tip #9: Take care of yourself before others

Today’s tip is about the need to take care of yourself before others.

If you’ve ever been on a plane you’ll recall the instructions to “first put on your own mask before helping others”. The same instructions should be given to every leader.  If you do not look after your own wellbeing then you are likely to struggle to help enhance the wellbeing of your team members, let alone be a strong leader for your team in any meaningful and sustainable way.

The modern workplace is characterised by high workloads, phones glued to our hands and ears, tight time-frames with high expectations, rushing from one meeting to the next and a bombardment of emails, calls and texts.  People leaders are even more in demand.  Workplace stress is costing organisations billions in lost productivity and presenteeism.  Significant work needs to be done with People Leaders because they hold the key to changing organisations through changing themselves first and then helping their teams to do the same.

PeopleScape recently provided a group of senior leaders with simple, pragmatic and yet well researched tools they could immediately apply to enhance their own wellbeing, increasing their ability to effectively manage change and lead in an adaptive and evolving context. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive with all participants feeling that the business had invested in them personally and they were genuinely appreciative of this.

Contact PeopleScape today to discuss the wellbeing of your leaders and the impact these simple but effective tools can have on your overall business outcomes.


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