Susan Kight

Susan Kight

, Executive Assistant

Susan has a proven track record in education, business consulting, event coordination, senior-level executive support, management, and training. She has a strong ability to streamline processes, maximize efficiency and foster professional relationships. She is committed to excellence in helping others find solutions. One client summed up one of her greatest traits as “being able to predict a need and then close the loop.” Her “can do” attitude, initiative, and ability to multitask make her a perfect fit in a fast-moving organization such as Steople Group.

Fifteen years of teaching in an educational setting identified Susan’s strengths in creativity, self-discipline, and leadership. One of her experiences in applying these traits was at the “Race to the Top,” the U.S. Department of Education annual competition to award Federal grants to school districts.

Susan believes that how one treats others is their personal brand. She lives by the motto that people will forget what a person does, but they never forget how a person made them feel. Ensuring that clients have a good experience with Steople Group is her goal, and she delivers on that day in and day out.

Susan enjoys raising her three daughters and juggling all the responsibilities that accompany being the CEO of her family. Her family loves visiting the beach, snow skiing, and shopping.