Customer Testimonials

I was introduced to Steople as I commenced my transition from the Army after a 37 year career. What had seemed a new landscape I would need to navigate on my own quickly became a journey I was making with a guide. I have appreciated ready access to the Steople principals who have passed on their extensive experience of the human resource domain, from contacts in government, business and the recruitment industry to an understanding of best practice in remuneration. I have also been impressed with the partners Steople use to deliver specific services such as CV and LinkedIn development – in each case I knew I was being guided by highly capable sector experts. I have developed a simple adage as a senior leader with a wide range of responsibilities: “professionals use professionals”. I am comfortable recommending the Steople team as a partner for those seeking trusted, experienced professional advice and support in a wide range of human resource services.

Gus McLachlan, Major General (Retd), Australian Defence Force

Arts Centre Melbourne is a place where people come together to create truly remarkable experiences for thousands of people every day of the year. Our culture is the key to doing this. We have partnered with Steople for over 4 years to help us create a culture where performance is valued, where everyone knows the role they play and where people are engaged as one team to achieve our shared objectives. We want collaboration to be the norm, where creativity and learning flourishes. Steople has delivered a wide range of services in areas such as leadership development, coaching and team development to help us create such a culture. We have loved our relationship with all their staff over this period because we have found they bring a wonderful balance of pragmatism and evidence-based research to our organisation. We have built deep and genuine relationships with the Steople team and together we have been able to drive some incredibly positive changes in our culture.

Claire Spencer, Arts Centre Melbourne, CEO

We explored the market to find a genuine partner that could offer a tailored suite of services to support us in selecting and developing talent for senior executive teams and boardrooms. Steople have not only delivered a contemporary and tailored offering, they have exceeded our expectations through their incredibly responsive service and the care and interest they show for the people we are working with. I recommend Steople without any reservation.

Andrew McEncroe, Managing Partner, Derwent

I’ve worked with Steople on a number of occasions and have found their level of professionalism and responsiveness to be outstanding. The key to their success in working with our firm, is that they ensure that they understand the business and its challenges. Steople are also very good at keeping the client informed on progress, without having to follow them up. Their consultants are very personable and have a genuine interest in helping your company succeed.

Elizabeth Nunez, Director National Human Resources, RSM Australia PTY LTD

We have been using the services of the staff at Steople for over 12 years now, and over that time they have provided invaluable specialist HR support and services in difficult circumstances. The team at Steople are first class – totally reliable, absolutely confidential and their product and service is exceptional. We trust them 100% with our staff and our needs.

Stuart Cumming, People & Culture Director, Domain Group

I have worked with Steople for many years, in varied industries and have accessed the full range of their services. I have always found the team to be responsive, pragmatic and relevant. They have helped me and my team to make a difference in our people management practices, whether it be employee recruitment and development with the provision of psychometric reports and assessments, building a positive work culture and group dynamics with their team development programs or in enhancing the skills of our management team with their coaching services. Steople are more than service providers to CDC Victoria, they are trusted business partners.

Marcelle Davis, People & Culture Executive Manager, CDC Victoria

As a fast growing business that is geographically spread, we have a real need to grow and develop our teams. Steople have provided us with a range of management development programs and coaching services over the last 12 months. The feedback from participants has always been positive and we have seen real results in the way our leaders operate. One of the things that has attracted us to Steople is that they are business-practical while demonstrating a good balance of people psychology.

John Pappalardo, CEO, National Hearing Care

I have been using the Steople team to support our leadership development and team communication strategies for the last 5 years, and have always been delighted with the outcomes they help us achieve. This year, the APM Communities team arranged for all of our Managers and Team Leaders to undergo a Management Development Program (which became a Virtual Management Development Program as Steople adapted quickly to the Pandemic). This training on its own achieved terrific outcomes with the teams, but it was not only consolidated, but enhanced significantly by the small group coaching we did (again virtually) with Steople as a follow on. The professional approach they take, along with their can-do attitude around adapting their programs to meet our needs (and the needs of the Pandemic!), mean that they were able to share their knowledge and skills in a way the team really took on board. The difference in the knowledge, skills and approaches taken by members of the APM Communities leadership team is tangible.

Jason Diederich, General Manager – Communities, APM

Steople has supported Surf Coast Shire Council on our journey for the past three years to build a positive workplace culture that is purpose-driven and underpinned by strong and effective leadership. Throughout this journey, we’ve worked together to deliver programs aimed at all levels of leadership from the Executive Management Team through to team leaders. Steople have facilitated storytelling narrative workshops to help us understand the experience our employees have when they work for us, they’ve helped our senior managers explore their leadership styles through application of the LSI 360 survey tool and coaching, we’ve had individual leaders and teams supported with the HBDI methodology and Steople have been involved in our leadership development programs exploring the topic of “understanding your Council’. I find Steople, to be exceptionally responsive, is quick to get to the core of an issue and suggest a targeted approach, yet at the same time they are always willing to partner together to ensure that there is local ownership and relevance of any intervention or new way of working.

Leanne Perryman, Manager People & Culture, Surf Coast Shire Council