When thinking about enhancing your assessment for recruitment capability, ensure you look at new and innovative assessment tools such as technology-based gamification tools along with the technical evidence to ensure the tools have high levels of predictive validity.

In recent years there has been a surge in technology-based gamification tools on the market. Many large organisations are looking for innovative ways to recruit particularly for the graduate recruitment market so we often get asked: “what is the latest in assessment tools?”

Using gamification-based tools to assess cognitive capacity is something we’ve seen more of lately. The advantage of using tools like this is that it gives the impression that your company is innovative and creative and at the forefront of thought leadership. The face validity of these types of tools can be quite high and they can seem very impressive. For these reasons, for the right candidate groups (such as graduates) we would encourage you to look into these tools.

However, because these tools are still emerging and are very new, most have not been through a rigorous validation process and so the predictive validity of these tools is low, particularly around cognitive capacity. PeopleScape suggest that you use a combination of newer gamification-based tools (for the right audiences) and evidence-based and well-researched tools where high levels of predictive validity have been proven.

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