Hiring for Success: What Price are You Paying for NOT Assessing Objectively?

We know that hiring great people is one of, if not THE most important thing a leader can do. If you hire incorrectly, it can be a costly mistake. That mistake can have an impact on the direct cost of having to re-employ an unsatisfactory employee and the indirect costs associated with an adverse impact on organisational and team culture, productivity and/or client relationships. While there is no perfect way to predict success, there are proven ways to increase your chances of getting it right.

Increase your chances of getting it right:

At Steople we believe that assessing the job and having a clear understanding of job profiling and competency modelling in the recruitment process is important so all recruiters are on the same page. Also, assessing the person and knowing what tools are available to best understand the person is a strong contributor to hiring success. One proven way to improve your chance of hiring for success and to supplement recruitment and development decisions, is through the use of psychometric assessment tools. Using psychometric assessments as well as structured behavioural interviews for recruitment can allow for a deeper understanding of the candidate. Our consultants debrief each client and the candidate about their performance on the psychometric assessment(s) which greatly helps identify strengths and weaknesses of the individual. As well, it also provides clients with an understanding of whether the strengths or development areas of a candidate would make them well suited or unsuitable for a particular role.

Psychometric Assessments:

Psychometric assessment should never be used as the pass or fail for recruitment. They need to be supplemented with other recruitment processes such as a reference checks, structured behavioural interview and/or other assessment centre activities such as role plays, presentations, in-tray activities etc. Psychometric assessments are also not just a tool for selection. They can also be used to identify individuals’ strengths and weaknesses to aid in development activities.

Client Testimonials:

  • “Psychometric assessment allows for more robust recruitment and decision-making processes along with a structured final interview”
  • Debriefed on psychometric assessments for the role –“this allowed us to be able to provide feedback to the candidates who were unsuccessful and candidates who were successful”, “Also had a consultant from Steople debrief the candidates as well’

Getting the recruitment process right the first time is one of the most important things you can do for your organisational culture and performance. So next time you’re hiring for a role, remember adding psychometric assessment to your recruitment process can increase your chances of getting it right.